Who Are We?

Input Housing Corp. is a non-profit corporation building a condominium residence for ten young adults with intellectual disabilities.  This residence is  an intentional community, made up of friends and their families.

Adults with intellectual disabilities possess a range of abilities. Many desire, and have the skills, to live semi-independently.  This project is intended to further encourage the development of those abilities and address those important aspirations.  Simply put, doesn’t everyone want a safe place they can call home?

Input Housing Corp., as a non-profit corporation, will develop the condominium, working with the builder.  Input Housing Corp. will then sell, rather than rent, the individual condo units to the families of adults with intellectual disabilities.  Input Housing Corp. will continue to oversee the operation of the building and the on-site building manager in conjunction with the condominium board.  Input Housing Corporation is operated completely by volunteers.

This unique project is led by the families of young adults with intellectual disabilities and seeks to secure lifetime housing for people who might otherwise be at risk of being homeless.  Typically, as family supports age and disappear, those with intellectual disabilities become more vulnerable and more dependent on government assistance.  Input Housing addresses this risk by establishing secure, individually-owned housing.  This concept also provides residents the opportunity to become more independent, confident and fully engaged in the larger community.

You can contact Input Housing Corp. by e-mail: inputhousingcorp@gmail.com