UPDATE:  We are under construction – the building, that is!  Construction of our ten-unit condominium building began in May, 2019 and is expected to be fully complete by Spring, 2020.  Of the ten condominium units, only two are left for sale.  If you know someone – or you ARE someone – who would benefit from this model of owned, condo housing, contact us, using the contact form on this site, or by e-mail at inputhousingcorp@gmail.com .

Input Housing Corp. is a non-profit corporation building a ten-unit condominium residence in Regina, Saskatchewan. This condo development will be home to ten young adults who desire semi-independent, community living with individualized supports. Welcome to our website. Feel free to explore and learn more about this model of self-determination for people with intellectual disabilities. Thank you for your interest in this exciting project!

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  1. Hello.
    My name is Brad Duncan and I am a Commercial Relationship Executive with Access Communications. I am writing to you to inquire if you have chosen your TV,PHONE AND INTERNET PROVIDER. We would like to provide you with special pricing for your facility.

  2. If I buy a condo, what is the asking price?
    Would I have to pay the condo fee? How much is this?
    Could I speak with someone from your organization. I live in Ottawa and have a young adult with Down syndrome. Many of our families are interested in doing something similar in Ottawa. Would appreciate your help.

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