Shovels in the Dirt: This is Really Happening!

It was simply time to celebrate.  Our vision of Input Housing was about to take the big step from dreams and drawings into three-dimensional reality.

On May 15, 2019, we hosted a sod-turning ceremony at our building site, at Mitchinson Way and Wakeling Street in Harbour Landing.  As one who has attended more than the average number of sod-turnings, I can tell you there was never an event as much fun as this one!  Even a brief shower didn’t dampen the spirits of eight young adults – the future residents of Input Housing – who dug enthusiastically into the clay with their gold shovels.  Councillor Bob Hawkins delivered an inspiring message as he reiterated the City of Regina’s commitment to this project.  When all the speeches were done, we had cookies, coffee, water and much conversation, punctuated by hugs and a few tears.

Media coverage was outstanding; proof that the world needs a good news story now and then.  Our sincere thanks to local media outlets:

Regina Leader-Post:

CJME Radio:




Thanks, as well, to Westridge Construction for making our stage, erecting the sign and preparing the site for our celebration.  You also helped clean up once we were done; thank you!

Thanks to our partners and supporters (listed on this page).

And, of course, we could not have done this without our residents, family members and friends.  We are all sharing this amazing adventure and we are grateful for your love and support!

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