Where Technique and Precision Meet Artistry

Reconciling the words “Best” and “Budget” in the same sentence is tough.  Now try balancing those two ideas in the same project!  That’s exactly what our architects, designers, general- and sub-contractors have done every step of the way with Input Housing.

“Best” certainly describes the appealing stone work on our building.  The stone veneer visible at the northeast side of main floor surrounds a barbecue deck.  The front entry features heavy timber construction and more beautiful stone work.  Such is the skill and creativity of Archpoint Masonry of Regina.

Knowing our residents’ (and visitors’) needs would change over time, we designed our building to be completely accessible.  Something we all agreed on was the notion that everyone should be able to enter through the front door, no matter their mobility needs.  Curb appeal and blending with the character of the neighbourhood is also important.  The resulting solution is the lovely continuation of the stone work to the right of the front step.  It’s a wall to cleverly disguise our ramp, giving the dignity of “front door” importance to all who enter.

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