Teamwork, Leadership…and our Gratitude

Every construction project includes some risk.  Everyone does their best to minimize the risk but sometimes things happen.  This was the case this week on the Input site.  During the drilling of the piles a sand lens was discovered at a depth slightly shallower than the deepest piles.  A lens is a localized pocket of material, (in this case fine sand) located below the surface.   Approximately 1/3 of the piles were affected by this condition.  What could have been a delay and substantial cost was mitigated by Westridge Construction, BBK Engineering, Allan Construction and Ardel Steel.  Within 24 hours the aforementioned team was able to evaluate several possible engineering solutions, select the most cost effective approach, redesign the depth, layout and size of the concrete piles, reconfigure the existing reinforcing steel cages already on site and continue installing the concrete piles.  All of this was done at a cost lower than expected thanks to the generosity of all of the team members.  Nothing about this project has been easy but the journey has been made less “rocky” thanks to such committed team members.

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