A Time to Celebrate

It’s tremendously important to be focused on a goal.  That’s certainly how we’ve felt for the past six years, on this journey to ensuring semi-independent living for our young adult family members.  However, it’s also important to pause and celebrate how far we have come.

The perfect opportunity for a party came with “topping off” our building.  It’s a construction rite that celebrates placing the last beam in a structure.  Our building is now at it’s full height and closed off to the elements.  That will allow the work to continue on the inside of the building through the cold months ahead.

For the Topping Off Party, the builders made the site safe for us to explore the various levels and rooms.  There was a sign posted on each condo with the name of its future resident.  A hand-drawn “hearth” – the caring, creative work of a Westridge employee spouse – adorned the main level.

There’s work ahead for all of us but on this day: Input families, Westridge employees, sub-trades, consultants and architects; we all shared stories, food and laughter, together.

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