Why Do the Columns Have Names?

One of the most delightful developments during our construction phase is the enjoyment of a personal connection between those constructing and supplying materials and the future residents of our building.  People who supply materials, and those who assemble those materials into a beautiful and functional home, don’t always get to connect with the actual people who will live there.  In so many ways, Input Housing is unique.  Case in point:

The steel beams and columns are going up. Jason Istead from RJ Steel Erectors is making sure everything is level and plumb and ready for the wood framing scheduled to start next week. If you look closely, you can see names painted on the steel columns. Because eight of the ten condos are sold, the contractors know who will be living in each condo. The fabricator realized we have eight columns and eight known tenants. He thought it would be a great idea to name each column after a resident. He was right!  Dani, Lindsay, Olivia, Jessie, Stephanie, Chris, Bree and Nick:  this is for you!

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