What is “Topping Off”?

topping /ˈtɑː.pɪŋ/  off  /ɑːf/

In construction, “topping off”, also called “topping out” is a builders’ rite traditionally held for the last beam, or its equivalent, placed atop the structure during its construction.

Input Housing Corp. is about to celebrate the topping off of our condominium building-in-construction at 5211 Mitchinson Way, in Harbour Landing.  From a distance, you can see the peak of the three-story, ten-unit condo building. Thanks to the steady work of our general contractor, Westridge Construction, and its sub-trades, the building is now at its full height and will be closed against the elements so work can continue through the winter months.

One of the most striking features of this housing project is the fact that the builders know, and regularly see, eight of the future residents and their families.  Typically, homes are fully built when owners arrive on the scene; the structural crews, framers, bricklayers, electricians, drywallers – all are long gone by the time the new buyers arrive.  Not so with Input Housing. It has been an unexpected delight to connect with each other through the course of the build.  And that’s why we are all going to connect and celebrate at the Input Housing Topping Off Party!

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