The Walls Can’t Talk…So We Will!

The rain has temporarily slowed construction, but it has not dampened our spirits.  Soon the walls on the main floor will be going up and enclosing the steel beams, which bear the names of the future residents of the building.  This caused us to think about other materials in the building that will be covered or enclosed and never seen again.  These elements perform a crucial role in the durability and comfort of the building but are out of sight.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd. to the project.  Del Hammerlindl and Wallace Construction have been supporters of this project right from its inception.  Many of their materials have been seen in past posts, but never mentioned.  For example, Wallace Construction supplied the form ties, void forms, void cover, foundation coating, rigid insulation, vapour retarder membrane, concrete cure, and seal in the crawl space, at a reduced cost.  All of these are critical to the performance of the building and will never be seen again.  Throughout the course of construction, many more products from Wallace will be installed….and then covered.  But not forgotten.  Thanks Wallace Construction!

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