The Power, and Joy, of Choice

What has more choices than a hipster, artisanal coffee house?  How about an Input Housing field trip to Cupboard Brothers Cabinet Factory to contemplate a eye-popping array of cupboards, counters, cabinets and vanities?  Accompanied by Jillayne of Westridge Construction Ltd., we had an exciting meeting with Amanda of Cupboard Brothers, who presented a selection of beautiful and functional interior finishes, carefully selected to fit our needs and budget.  We got the benefit of Amanda’s impressive product knowledge and design ideas to guide us in our decision making.  We had plenty of choices, but not so many that we lost our focus.  It was one of those days where it feels “really real”.  This visit draws us one step closer to realizing our families’ dreams!

When making reference to our two remaining condos, we sometimes talk about “Families Nine and Ten”.  Speaking directly to Families Nine and Ten (whoever you are): make contact with us soon so you, too, can make all of these exciting choices about your future condos.  There’s still time, but don’t delay too long!

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