More Than a Building

When is a building not (just) a building?  When it’s a dream, a journey, a labour of love, and a secure home for the future.  We are so pleased that Westridge Construction is on this journey with us and offering their very best to this project.  Every journey brings change, however,  and this week is an example.

The families of Input Housing would like to thank Trevor McPherson, our site supervisor from the start of the construction phase of our project.  Trevor is moving on to a new opportunity and, while we are sad to see him go, we wish him all the best in the future.  Thank you, Trevor!

Another big change this week is the  completion of interior framing on the third floor and the delivery of the roof trusses to the site.  Soon, the building’s full height will be revealed.  You could say we are moving forward with “Truss and Confidence”!

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