Making Our Mark

We, the families of Input Housing, are engaged in this project for the love of our children.  For all of their lives we have known they need a little extra help.  Building family-owned condos is our solution to ensuring they have the “help” they need to live in safety and security, long after we are gone.  By helping our young adults with intellectual disabilities, we hope we also inspire other families to advocate, innovate and, ultimately, create the futures they and their children desire.  We are “making our mark”.

One of our residents, Chris, had a chance, in a very literal way, to make his mark, the other day.  Here’s his Mom’s account of the moment.

“Hi All,

“This morning Chris and I drove by our site. Chris waved, gave the thumbs up and peace sign. We counted the guys, left and brought back Tim Horton donuts and coffee. The crew had just finished pouring and levelling  the concrete. One of the workers asked Chris if he would like to sign his name. Chris’ reply was HELL YES! He gave Chris a stick and showed him a spot.

“It will be covered up and never seen again, but we’ll know it will still be there.  It was such a special moment. I just had to share it.

Diane and Chris”

(Crying? I’m not crying; you’re crying…)

Thank you to the amazing employees of Westridge Construction for making this wonderful moment happen!


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