Home Should be a Safe Place

Welcome to the website for Input Housing Corp.  We are a non-profit corporation which believes everyone should be able to grow up and move into a place of his/her own.  Home should be a place where you feel safe.  It should be secure, without the fear of ever being left homeless.  It should be a place where you make choices and decisions, instead of having someone else make them for you.  For many people with intellectual disabilities, these modest dreams are out of reach.  Input Housing is building a condominium residence for ten young adults with intellectual disabilities.

This intentional community is a low-rise, ten-unit condominium building which will give its residents independence, as they mature and socialize in a supportive environment.  The building concept: with single, individually-owned condos, will offer its tenants privacy and independence.  A resident caretaker/manager will also provide security and oversight.  Guidance and support for each resident will be provided by a contracted service provider.

It’s hoped Input Housing, with its individually-owned condominiums, will become a model for similar housing developments across Saskatchewan and Canada.

Input Housing is designed to provide residents with their own, private living spaces: bedroom, kitchenette, living room and bathroom.  It also provides a large, shared amenity space, on the main level, which includes a communal kitchen, dining area, laundry and entertainment/recreation rooms.  A resident caretaker/manager is also part of the big “family”, providing 24-hour, on-site support which will complement the supports and services provided by outside agencies to each of Input’s residents.

So, welcome to the world of Input Housing: a place where dreams come true.

2 thoughts on “Home Should be a Safe Place

  1. Love it!!
    This is so important. My daughter is 16 yrs old and we are always looking for options that are available for independence.

    1. Thanks so much, Robin, for the encouragement. It’s great that you are already planning for the future. All the best!

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