Gaining Momentum

Things are starting to “feel real”.  Our presentation to City Council on June 25th not only gave us an opportunity to tell our municipal leaders (more) about Input Housing Corp; it gave us a bit of media, and social media, exposure as well.  With seven families already involved in Input, it wasn’t difficult to provide a number of different speakers on the subject of this exciting condominium project.

To date, we’ve had Global TV’s Cami Kepke interview the Warsaba family.  CTV’s Colton Wiens visited with the Reitmeiers.  And the Leader-Post’s Arthur White-Crummey interviewed the Ast and Warsaba families (with a shout-out to the Popowich clan).  The most important part of any of these interviews has been the self-expression of each future resident’s hopes and dreams.  Our young adults are so focused on what they want from life…and so articulate.

Here are links to these stories:

Home for adults with intellectual disabilities takes next step

New project to offer family-owned housing to friends with intellectual disabilities

Our thanks to these reporters (and their bosses).  We’ll have plenty of follow-up stories going forward.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress.

For those who want to learn more about the process to become a future owner/resident, please send us a message on the “contact” page.

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