Dreaming out loud: Nick


Introduction: We want you to hear from the future residents of the Input Housing condominium building.  This is the first of a series of posts, focusing on each of the amazing young people who will realize the dream of having a place of their own, through Input Housing Corp. (IHC).

IHC:  So, Nick – what you want to tell people about yourself?
Nick:  Just to make a simple introduction…Hi, friends, family and others: I am Nick.  For all my life, I have been living with my folks.  I am soon to be 28 years old and I want to move out of my parents’ house.  I want to live with my friends.  My dreams and goals are pretty big, but they’re no bigger than myself.  I mean: my dreams are big, but I am big, too.

IHC:  Why do you want your own condo/apartment?
Nick: Good question…because it will give me some independence and it will give me a chance to live on my own.  I can be in contact with my friends.  As a future homeowner, I look forward to the obligations and responsibilities.  I have great leadership abilities that can be useful in any situation that comes up.  I want to move into the real world and keep my contacts, but also expand my contacts to more than just my friends around me.  Most important would have to be the experience of being left in my own home, with my parents trusting me.  I could not be any more excited about this building, being designed by my Dad and others.

IHC:  How important is it to share a place with your friends?
Nick:  The importance of living in a place with my friends…yes, some of my friends may have different experiences; some will learn new experiences.  But the importance of living in a place with my friends:  we need to support each other.  They are like a family to me.  We are all leaders and we all need to look out for each other…in a spirit of camaraderie, like a big family.

IHC:  Let’s get back to you.  What are some of your interests?
Nick: Besides being a future homeowner, my interests are everything…but if I had to be particular: going for walks, going to the movies, and going to libraries.  I like going to restaurants.  I like my hobbies: music and movies.

IHC:  Tell us about your job…
Nick:  Well, I work at SaskTel in the Cornwall Centre.  It’s a great place to work, a great location and walking distance to my Mom’s work.  My colleagues are also like a family to me; I have been at the retail store since 2010.

IHC:  What else should people know about you?
Nick:  I have a girlfriend.  Her name is Bree.  She will have a condo in our building.  Also, I am on a committee called Voices At The Table for Advocacy, or VATTA.  It is part of the CDSS, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.  We advocate for others with Down syndrome; they may not have a voice yet, but they have a presence.  They are a value to our society.  I am also involved in a dance class called Fada Dance; it’s contemporary dance and it’s very inclusive.  I am a student at the University of Regina in the Campus For All program.

IHC: You talked about your leadership abilities.  What makes you a good leader? 
Nick:  As a public speaker and a guest on t-v interviews, I think I am very knowledgeable and being in the public eye is a lot of pressure.  Being a good leader is: not only do I believe in myself; I believe in my friends.  I am soft-spoken.  Being a celebrity is kind of hard, too.  I may be famous, but I am never too busy to answer other people’s questions.

IHC:  What closing thoughts do you have on the importance of Input Housing?
Nick:  Well, my last thought about Input Housing (if I had to put it into a time capsule for everyone to remember it):  I guess the important thing is, if you are ready to move out or destined to move out, then my best tip would be this: when you’re ready, you’re ready.  No pressure, no stress.  In the end, it will be very rewarding.  If you are going to help our project: help me to succeed so I can reach my goals and my potential.  Help me and my friends to have a safe place to live.



6 thoughts on “Dreaming out loud: Nick

  1. Good for you Nicholas! I am so happy for you and look forward to hearing more from you on your joirney!

    1. Hi Carol: Part of Nick’s success is due to your wonderful before-and-after-school care, so thank you!

  2. Fantastic Nick it is good to see you go ahead in your life. I know your parents will always be there for you and help you when needed. I am so happy for you. You have grown into a good man and person since I first met you at your Mom’s work.

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