Dreaming out loud: Danielle

Introduction: We want you to hear from the future residents of the Input Housing condominium building.  This is the fourth of a series of posts, focusing on each of the amazing young people who will realize the dream of having a place of their own, through Input Housing Corp. (IHC).

IHC:  Hi, Dani…what do you want people to know about you?
Dani: I am 30 years old.  I was born in Regina and I have always lived here.  I have one sister and one brother, but they are getting married, so soon our family will be bigger.  And I have my Mom, Kathy, and my dad, Dave.  Usually I call them Dave and Kathy, because we are all grown ups.

IHC: I know you like to travel…
Dani: I travel a lot.  We have been to Phoenix, Hawaii, Mexico, DisneyLand and DisneyWorld.  Also, lots of places in Saskatchewan, especially the beach and Gravelbourg.  I like going on road trips.  I am a good traveller.  And I love shopping, just like my Mom.  I also love swimming, walking and snorkelling and making s’mores.  I like sunshine and relaxing in a nice comfortable chair, like a recliner.

IHC: Are you excited about having a condo of your own?
Dani: Yes. I like to look at the plans.  I will have a dishwasher, laundry, and a big t-v.  I will do my own cooking…all kinds of recipes.  I can make egg-wiches, sausage, pancakes, and salads.  I can chop vegetables because it’s healthy eating.  I like carrots, salad with ranch dressing.  I like to make jello for a bedtime snack.  I make five at a time.  It’s one of my jobs.  I also like fruit at bedtime.

IHC: Tell me about your friends and what you do for fun.
Dani: Lindsay and Bree are my best friends.  I am excited that we will all be neighbours in our new condo.  I like to play games on the Wii.  We all go bowling together.  Lindsay, Bree, Nick and I are all on the same team.  We also love dancing and karaoke.  We belong to a Book Club.  I like to use my iPad to play “Jewels” and I do word searches on the iPad.  I record videos of me singing; I am a good singer.  I sing Glee Club songs.  I like to text Dave and Kathy, my friends, my sister and brother.  I like cats.

IHC: Now that you getting a condo, how are you preparing?
Dani: I am doing my own laundry, I have to brush my teeth, shower and look after myself.  I make my own bed.  Dave thinks he’s going to get me to wash his truck.  I also help when we are barbecuing.  Dave and I flip burgers and make chicken.  When I am in my own place I will use my iPad, have showers.  I won’t stay up late.  I like to get to bed at 10:30.  I like to get up at 8:30.  When I get up, I always want to have a coffee.

IHC: When you have your own place will you invite Dave and Kathy for dinner?
Dani: Yes, I will make dinner, but no sleepovers because we’ll argue and fight.  In the condo, we will watch movies.  I like Netflix, Glee, Little Mermaid, Full House and Fuller House.

IHC: Tell me about where you work.
Dani: I work at Cosmo, folding napkins, stuffing envelopes and things;  I clean tables, wash dishes.  We do concerts at Christmas.  We do some dancing like salsa.  I like to dance.

IHC: What are the things that mean the most to you?
Dani: Best friends, family and love.

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