Dreaming out loud: Bree

Introduction: We want you to hear from the future residents of the Input Housing condominium building.  This is the third blog-post in a series of posts, focusing on each of the amazing young people who will realize the dream of having a place of their own, through Input Housing Corp. (IHC).  Meet Bree…

IHC:  Hi, Bree, tell us about yourself.
Bree:  I am 29 years old.  I have a dog name “Lacey” and two younger brothers. I live with my Mom and Dad. My brothers have moved away for university and work.  I went to Campbell Collegiate.   I graduated last year from the Campus for All program at the University of Regina.  I like being part of Best Buddies and I like to figure skate and go bowling with the Special Olympics.

IHC:  What do you want from your own apartment that is being planned?
Bree:  A place of my own.  My family is very supportive of me moving out.  I am right-sided hemiplegic so I am hoping for a place that has everything on the left side!

IHC:  Why do you want your own apartment?
Bree:  Because I would like more independence and a little more freedom.

IHC:  What do you think about living in a building with 10 residents?
Bree:  My best friends are moving in too and I will have new friends also.  We take care of each other.

IHC:  Tell us about your interests, what do you like to do?
Bree:  I like to read and going to book club.  I like coloring in adult coloring books. I like hanging out with my friends, watching  t-v and going to movies and going  to Sir Dance-a-Lot  dances.

IHC:  Tell us about your work.
Bree:  I volunteer two days a week at Queen Victoria Estate – its where my Great Aunt and Granny live, so I get a chance to visit with them and do odd jobs. I also work two days a week at IQmetrics which is downtown.  I enter data into a computer there. I can earn money so I can go to Camp Easter Seal.

IHC: What else should people know about you?
Bree:  Well I am happy and friendly and very helpful. I am a very good person.

IHC :  Why do you see Input as a good place to live?
Bree:   It will connect me to other people and I will meet new people.  I will be able be away from my Mom and Dad, but they are close enough that I can still go visit them.

IHC: What would you tell someone who might be considering moving in to Input House?
Bree:  If people come to live there, it will expand their horizons and let them get out and have new friends.




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