Building Manager/Anchor Family

With completion of the building drawing near, our search is on for a resident Building Manager.  The following proposed duties and responsibilities are for information and discussion purposes only.   It is proposed the Building Manager shall live, rent-free, in an 800 square-foot, two-bedroom, condominium on the main floor of the building.  Anyone interested in this position is asked to contact Input Housing Corp. by e-mail: .

Input Housing Corp. 

Responsibilities of Anchor Family


1. Monitor building to ensure a safe and secure environment throughout the building and yard.
2. Ensure parking lot is secure.
3. Ensure garbage containers are secure.


1. Monitor the building systems performance and coordinate regular testing and maintenance as may be required. Maintain a log book of maintenance work and list of approved subcontractors as provided by Input.
2. Periodic monitoring of crawl space and attic for water leaks and other potential damage and other issues.
3. Develop and maintain a log indicating card/fob issuance and pass code provision. Advise of any issues with operation of security system.
4. Perform minor building repairs and maintenance, such as changing light bulbs etc.
5. Yard care: (some of this work may be partially performed by the residents under guidance)
– Cut grass, maintain yard and landscaping.
– Snow removal on the sidewalk on two sides of the condo as well as the walk up to the front and back doors.
– Spring and fall clean‐up.
6. Common areas:
– Generally tidy and clean common areas of building.
– Light cleaning – cleaning/washing hallways, cleaning/washing floors of main kitchen area and social areas, keeping front entry clean.


1. Provide support in the event of an unexpected event or an emergency.
2. Liaise with support workers and if necessary coordinate their access to the building and its amenities.
3. Engage with the residents, work to build relationships.
4. Encourage and coordinate community building with neighbors.