Behind the Scenes: A different kind of framework

Watching the building come out of the ground is very exciting.  The Input Housing Corp building is a tangible result of thousands of hours of work behind the scenes.  Something overlooked but incredibly important is the legal component of the project.  The Regina law firm of Kanuka Thuringer LLP has donated hundreds of hours of time to the project.  They have been strong supporters of Input Housing from the very beginning.  Kanuka Thuringer LLP has provided strong guidance and legal assistance in all aspects of the project.  From filing the paperwork for the incorporation of Input Housing, writing the dozens of agreements and other legal documents required to “pull all the financing together”, land sale agreements and now disbursing funds to the contractor during construction (plus too many other things to mention)  Kanuka Thuringer LLP has been an integral partner in our journey.  Many thanks @KTLLP !

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